Interview with Freakling Bros. Co-Owner J.T. Mollner


A Brief Introduction

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Freakling Bros. is operated by Duke and J.T. Mollner, a father and son who have contributed to the development of the haunt industry since before the 2000s.

Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct an email interview with J.T. Mollner, filmmaker and creator of the No Remake Pictures production company and creative director and manager of the three-attraction venue.…

Us (2019) Film Review



On Thursday evening, I attended one of the first local showings of Us, the second film written, directed, and co-produced by Jordan Peele.

Although some critics and general audiences may have viewed the film with higher expectations — Peele’s original horror film, Get Out (2017), received a notable amount of praise from professional and amateur reviewers alike — I made a conscious effort to avoid succumbing to the hype from his theatrical predecessor.…

Apostle (2018) Film Review



Gareth Evans’s Apostle follows Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens), a brother determined to locate his sister, Jennifer (Elen Rhys), on an island of cultists and safely escort her back home.

Originally released in the U.S. on October 12, 2018, the film, which has an overall runtime of more than two hours, received mostly favorable reviews from critics and mixed reviews from general audiences.…