Haunted attractions and horror content have been two of my primary interests since I was an elementary school student. In the beginning of what’s since become an ongoing annual search, I attended Dorney Park’s Halloween Haunt attraction; however, I was still too young to enjoy the experience, and I left the amusement park once it transformed at night.

Despite being genuinely terrified in an unpleasant manner, my personal interest in both haunted attractions and horror content in other forms (movies, TV, etc.) still remained.

With Halloween less than a month away, I started attending other horror events that were new to me: a haunted miniature golf course with actors at the now-defunct Dorney Square Miniature Golf; my first haunted hayride through the woods, set up behind the local fire department; and the well-known Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Glen Mills, PA.

After attending my first mainstream attraction, my interest in other haunted attractions only increased. Years later, in late 2015, I began to participate in off-season and more extreme events, including Extreme Blackout at Field of Screams (Mountville, PA).

Early into 2016, I added immersive horror experiences to my ongoing search for horror-related events, expanding my view to the more “extreme” side of the haunt industry.

Complete list of haunted attractions and related events that I’ve attended*:

Total Visits to Attractions & Events: 66**
Unique Attraction & Event Visits: 29**

1.) The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride (3 visits)

2.) Scare Brothers Haunted Nightmare (1 visit)

3.) Hotel of Horror (4 visits)

4.) Bayville Scream Park (2 visits)

5.) Terror Behind the Walls (1 visit)

6.) Night of Terror at Creamy Acres (2 visits)

7.) Pennhurst Asylum (5 visits)

8.) Field of Screams in Mountville, PA (7 visits)

9.) The Dark Carnival (2 visits)

10.) Nightmare at Gravity Hill (5 visits)

11.) Shocktoberfest (2 visits)

12.) Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses (1 visit)

13.) The Forest of Fear (1 visit)

14.) The Freak and Fun House (1 visit)

15.) Halls of Horror (3 visits)

16.) Scary Rotten Farms (4 visits)

17.) Reaper’s Revenge (4 visits)

18.) Extreme Blackout at Field of Screams (2 visits***)

19.) B L I N D ❤ D A T E at Brighton Asylum (1 visit***)

20.) ESCAPE THE DARK at NYZ Apocalypse (1 visit***)

21.) The Zombie Fun Run at Field of Screams (2 visits***)

22.) Brighton Asylum (1 visit)

23.) Field of Terror in East Windsor, NJ (1 visit)

24.) 13th Hour Haunted House (5 visits)

25.) The Conover Killings (1 visit)

26.) Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill (1 visit)

27.) Oasis Island of Terror (1 visit)

28.) 301 Devil’s Playground (1 visit)

29.) Sleep No More (1 visit***)

*Listed in chronological order (first visit to the attraction or event)

**Initial three attraction visits from my childhood are not included

***Special event (only available to attend for a limited period of time)