Interview with Blayne Elizabeth, Owner/Creator of Michigan’s STAG

The following is an interview with Blayne Elizabeth, the owner and creator of Saginaw, Michigan’s ONLY extreme immersive horror experience, STAG.

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During the summer of 2016, STAG hosted a four-night event known as “STAG: an immersive horror experiment,” in Saginaw, a city in Michigan.

The event, which was categorized as an “EXTREME HAUNTED HOUSE,” required all of its participants to be at least 18 years old and sign a waiver.

Despite its fairly short off-season running period, the event was a success, receiving very positive reviews from those who were willing to attend.

As a result, STAG hosted another event, known as “STAGHALLOWEEN,” only two months later, during seven select nights in October.

The event, which was also successful, allowed STAG to continue creating shows for those who are interested in the more extreme side of the haunt industry.

During the upcoming month of August, the third event, which is known as “STAG: Perversion,” will open to the public for another four-night run.

Limited information is available about the two previous shows by STAG, but based on some of the Facebook Page reviews, there were a variety of characters that participants encountered throughout those experiences.

That being said, will any of the characters from the past shows make an appearance in STAG: Perversion? In addition, will those who are new to STAG need any prior knowledge before attending the upcoming show?

Blayne Elizabeth:
In regard to the STORY LINE, NO, the characters will not be returning from last year’s seasons — HOWEVER, we do have some of the same actors who were in our other seasons and will be performing in different scenes than last year! We want it to be new and exciting to our returning Victims.

The first two events that STAG hosted during the previous year, STAG: an immersive horror experiment and STAGHALLOWEEN, did not permit more than one participant to enter at a specific time.

Unlike the previous two events, however, STAG is offering two different online ticket options for STAG: Perversion — “ALONE” and “COUPLES.”

Why was this change made for the newest show by STAG, and how will it affect the experience?

Blayne Elizabeth:
To put it bluntly, we are a small town in Michigan, and the NEWS of EXTREME HAUNTS has not yet taken this area by storm.

We are still up and coming with not so much funding…that being said, we offered a COUPLES ticket for any of the *ahem* pussies that are too afraid to come through alone.

We had several Victims leave because they could not enter with their significant other.

We believe that this is an amazing experience, and if you just get in there and give it a chance, you will love it!

EVERY SINGLE VICTIM came out with huge smiles and wrote us rave reviews. EVEN the ones who were too scared to go in at first.

I, Blayne, the owner/creator, will hold your hand and walk you in. 🙂

Based on its name and cover art, STAG: Perversion is going to involve and seemingly focus on sexual themes — specifically those that many would consider to be “perverse.”

Although the topic of “perversion” could be interesting to explore from a horror perspective, it also has the potential to result in controversy and criticism.

How different is this show from prior STAG shows, and do you have any warnings about its content?

Blayne Elizabeth:
The answer is YES, there is MATURE CONTENT and ADULT SITUATIONS. I work in the psychiatric field, and I DO NOT recommend this event if you have experienced extreme trauma in your past.

You WILL encounter adult situations, violence, nudity, and light restraints.

STAG shows currently run for a total of 30 minutes for each time slot, according to the official Facebook Page.

Although new shows beyond the upcoming third show, STAG: Perversion, have not been announced to the public as of yet, is there any potential for the time length of future shows to be expanded?

Lastly, should those who are interested in STAG expect for there to be another new show during the month of October?

Blayne Elizabeth:
We have not yet decided on an OCTOBER event because of the time [restrictions] due to me going back to school — however, I am going to do my best to make it work!!! STAG DOES NOT END HERE. I assure you that.

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