Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block (2018) TV Review


Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, Season 3 of the Channel Zero series, introduces viewers to Alice and Zoe Woods, sisters that unknowingly move to an area that is targeted by the Peaches, a family of cannibals.

Please note that the following review contains spoilers.

Review of Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block

Dissimilar to the first (Candle Cove) and second (No-End House) seasons of the series, Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block is inherently more disturbing and graphic throughout the course of the six-episode third season.

This focus on a more mature visual experience, however, is unable to compensate for the unbalanced pacing and increasingly convoluted plot of the season, which are ultimately responsible for its failure.

Early into the season, viewers may desire for the pacing of the plot to increase in speed, especially when considering that, just like the others in the series, the third season is only six episodes in length.

Later into the season, however, viewers may desire for the pacing of the plot to decrease in speed in order to further develop characters and address the continuously expanding list of questions that arise.

Unfortunately, Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block is unsuccessful at resolving either of the aforementioned issues, relying instead on mature imagery that, despite adding to the overall atmosphere, is simply not enough.

By the conclusion of the season, viewers will have minimal information about the cannibalistic Peach family, the insidious dimension in which they reside with the Pestilent God, nor the Woods sisters and the other characters that have been introduced.

That being said, as the credits of the final episode begin to be displayed onscreen, viewers are likely to feel confused and, as a result of that confusion, unsatisfied with the overall experience.

Pumpkin Rating & Conclusion

2 / 5 Pumpkins
Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, despite its successfully graphic new approach to the horror anthology series, is far too dependent on violence than on a balanced and developed plot, resulting in a rather bizarre viewing experience that is both frustrating and unsatisfying.

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