Fringe Immersive & NYZ Apocalypse Host 8 Immersive Horror Experiences

This fall, Fringe Immersive and NYZ Apocalypse, the team of creators behind ESCAPE THE DARK and ESCAPE THE DARK: ARKHAM, will be hosting a total of eight new immersive horror experiences in Deer Park, New York.

Starting in early October, there will be three new versions of ESCAPE THE DARK and five interactive, immersive horror experiences.

Interactive & immersive escape houses (Sundays + the 27th & the 31st)
October 2nd, 16th – ESCAPE THE DARK: THE CULT
October 9th, 23rd, 31st – ESCAPE THE DARK: POSSESSION

Interactive & immersive horror experiences (Fridays)
October 7th – CIRCUS
October 14th – DEAD SILENCE
October 21st – SCARY TALES
October 28th – TRICK-OR-TREAT

Extreme live action role-playing experience (Monday & Sunday)
October 10th – ULTRA VIOLENCE
October 30th – ULTRA VIOLENCE

Additional information regarding the immersive horror experiences
The admission price of each event found in the schedule is $35.00.

A rating system comparable to the one currently in use by the Motion Picture Association of America is being implemented for each event.

Seven out of the eight events have been rated PG-13 and, as the title would suggest, October’s ULTRA VIOLENCE has been rated R.

A contact version for those 18 years of age or older is available for the events that have a PG-13 rating once a physical waiver has been signed.

For more information about the events that are listed above, visit the official Facebook Page of Fringe Immersive (formerly Fringe Horror).

Featured image via Nightmarish Conjurings

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