Fringe Media Inc. and NYZ Apocalypse’s Summer and Fall 2017 Events

On Friday, June 30th, 2017, Fringe Media Inc. will release their first film, D Y S T O P I A REDUX, which was recorded on-site at NYZ Apocalypse.

The film focuses on five individuals (Niki, Chris, Rocky, Josh, and Mel) that collectively agree to be recorded as they progress — or potentially fail to progress — through an updated version of the final show created by the retired art collective, Fringe Immersive.

It has been scheduled to be released during a 7 p.m. EST live stream on the official Facebook Page, D Y S T O P I A redux (@dystopiareduxmovie), and it is a free-of-charge film.

The film, however, is only one of various projects that Fringe Media Inc. will be involved in throughout the remainder of the year.

During the month of August, a free drive-in theatre will open in the parking lot of NYZ Apocalypse, featuring a series of underground and cult horror films.

Although specific dates have yet to be provided, they intend to keep the drive-in theatre running into the month of September.

Those who are interested in attending any of the screenings will be required to reserve a parking space.

Food trucks may also be available around the parking lot.

Photo from D Y S T O P I A : REDUX.

In addition to the drive-in theatre, Fringe Media Inc. has already planned to collaborate with NYZ Apocalypse throughout the fall season to release the third version of D Y S T O P I A (September 2017) and assist in the Deer Park, New York venue’s transformation into “Long Island’s largest indoor haunted house,” TOTAL FEAR (October 2017).

The upgraded venue will feature three different attractions, an arcade, a bar and lounge, and other additions that have yet to be revealed.

Based on the details that have been provided, the area will likely have some new visitors this fall.

TOTAL FEAR at NYZ Apocalypse.

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