Halls of Horror (Palmerton, PA) 2015 Review


On Saturday, October 10th, 2015, I visited Halls of Horror in Palmerton, Pennsylvania. Earlier that day, when I discovered it, I was sitting in my college dorm and researching haunted attractions on my laptop.

The attraction, which is a decent drive away from my college, emphasized that it was an adult haunt on its official website. Furthermore, the website directly stated that participants would enter in small groups that may be split into smaller groups, depending on their size, which I consider a major pro for anyone who desires a more personal experience.

Despite already being more than interested in attending the event, I was further intrigued by the attraction’s optional, physically extreme version, The Blood Experience. Having attended plenty of haunted attractions prior and still wanting more of a personal and extreme experience, I decided that Halls of Horror — which I’d basically just discovered — was where I wanted to go that night.

Halls of Horror and The Blood Experience

Upon arriving at Halls of Horror, I noticed the line of people waiting to enter the attraction, located between two buildings in a manner that made its overall size difficult to determine.

Shortly after purchasing a ticket for The Blood Experience, I signed a release form and grabbed the protective eyewear that I would be using later on that night.

After waiting a little bit over an hour on the line and having the opportunity to interact with three actors, one of which was crawling at a noticeably high speed on all fours, I was greeted by a woman who provided my group with an appropriate introduction to the event before alerting the actors of our arrival and sending us down a flight of stairs.

Almost immediately after descending the stairs, my group (only two people, including myself) was targeted by aggressive actors in a variety of environments, many of which weren’t the easiest to navigate, despite their linearity.

Between the actors and the disorienting environments, I genuinely felt uneasy on various occasions. 20-30 minutes later, my group exited the attraction covered in fake blood, having experienced something much different than what can be found at the majority of haunted attractions.

Overall, my group was highly satisfied with the experience, and I will definitely be returning for the 2016 version of The Blood Experience at Halls of Horror.

Before concluding my first review, I would like to thank everyone who has read this far and give a shoutout to the actors during the mental institution scene (especially the male patient who made a particular request that I was most definitely not expecting).

Pumpkin Rating & Conclusion:

5 / 5 Pumpkins

– The price of admission ($15.00, or $25.00 for The Blood Experience)
– Complimentary Halls of Horror T-shirt included with $25.00 option
– Only small groups may enter, and other groups are not encountered
– Dedicated actors & disorienting environments that produce real fear
– Individualized attention, regardless of being in the front or otherwise

– Limited space; the event’s duration is somewhat short (20-30 minutes)

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