Interview with Nicole Ginsburg, Production Director at Frightmare Farms


The following is an interview with Nicole Ginsburg, the production director at Frightmare Farms.

Ginsburg provides information regarding the attractions offered at Frightmare Farms, in addition to the upcoming one-night only event, Summer Scream 2017, which will be hosted on June 17th in Fulton, New York.

Nicole Ginsburg Frightmare Farms Interview

Fulton, New York’s Frightmare Farms is open every Friday and Saturday night (7-10 p.m.) throughout the month of October.

The indoor attraction, Professor Whitaker’s Museum of Fright Haunted House (The Estate), opens at 7 p.m., and the outdoor attractions, The Professor’s Twisted Labyrinth (The Labyrinth) and The Colony (The Trail), both open at 7:15 p.m.

Each of the three available attractions has its own story that adds to its overall theme.

What are the differences between these attractions, and is there a specific order that you recommend for visitors?

Nicole Ginsburg:
Each attraction that we offer has many levels as far as the stories, the atmosphere, and the characters that inhabit them.

The Estate is a fully indoor experience which takes you on a tour of the Professor’s creepy estate.

As you wander through his homestead, you are met with some of our iconic characters, ranging from Cemetery Urchins to enchantress’ of the Professor’s past to the attraction’s household name of Dr. Lynch and everyone in between!

The Professor’s Twisted Labyrinth is an indoor/outdoor experience featuring a new exhibit each time the Professor goes on a new journey. This year, it is growing once again, and a new theme will be released mid-July.

The Colony (another new theme this year!) is our outdoor walking trail, featuring a walk-through of what was once a village that has now been plagued with disease.

We also have a NEW five-minute escape experience and another in the works for this upcoming season!

We usually recommend going to The Estate, The Labyrinth, and then The Trail, but they can be done in any sequence…as long as you do them all. *winks*

On June 17, 2017, Frightmare Farms will be hosting a one-night only “lights out” event, Summer Scream.

This is the second annual “lights out” event that is being hosted.

How successful was the original event, hosted in 2016, and will visitors who attended the original event still have a much different experience?

Additionally, what is the estimated duration of the upcoming event, and what type(s) of audience(s) is it intended for?

Summer Scream 2017 is a different show than our 2016 version. We had a very good turnout for last year’s event, and this year, we have had an overwhelming response to the event.

As of now, I think there are only four tickets left!

Much different from our regular show, Summer Scream has little to no lighting. The effects, the look, and the characters are all different!

Because of the changes, we are focused on a much more intense and intimate event and only offer one experience rather then our normal three.

According to reports from past visitors, the actors at Frightmare Farms are dedicated to providing everyone with a genuinely frightening, individualized experience.

Furthermore, the quality of the sets is up-to-par with the quality of the actors.

As of yet, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit in either October or June, but these details definitely increase my interest in visiting during these months in the future.

Should new (or old) visitors know any additional information about the experiences offered?

Frightmare Farms is a dynamic team — we are all very passionate and love what we do and the experiences that we create.

There is no one person that can do their job without the help of someone else. We are truly one giant family!

A whole lot of blood, sweat, and screams have gone into the experiences that are created. We strive each year to be better, so that new customers and our fans leave wanting more!

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