Interview with Freakling Bros. Co-Owner J.T. Mollner


A Brief Introduction

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Freakling Bros. is operated by Duke and J.T. Mollner, a father and son who have contributed to the development of the haunt industry since before the 2000s.

Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct an email interview with J.T. Mollner, filmmaker and creator of the No Remake Pictures production company and creative director and manager of the three-attraction venue.…

Interview with Nicole Ginsburg, Production Director at Frightmare Farms



The following is an interview with Nicole Ginsburg, the production director at Frightmare Farms.

Ginsburg provides information regarding the attractions offered at Frightmare Farms, in addition to the upcoming one-night only event, Summer Scream 2017, which will be hosted on June 17th in Fulton, New York.

Nicole Ginsburg Frightmare Farms Interview

Fulton, New York’s Frightmare Farms is open every Friday and Saturday night (7-10 p.m.)…

Interview with Rodney Montgomery, Creator of The Shadows


The following is an online interview with Rodney Montgomery, a member of the haunt industry and the creator of The Shadows.

Information regarding The Shadows, an 18+ event opening to the public in Buffalo, New York, this upcoming October, can be found throughout the interview.

Additionally, information about the creator that is generally unknown to the public is revealed toward the interview’s conclusion.…

Will Puntarich Discusses Plans for Fringe Immersive in Exclusive Interview


I recently had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive online interview with Will Puntarich, creator of the extreme D E A D of N I G H T trilogy, among other events of that nature. Below is the entire interview, which contains information regarding plans for Fringe Immersive and more…

From 2013 to 2015, you hosted the D E A D of N I G H T trilogy at the haunted attraction, Chamber of Horrors, in Hauppauge, New York.…