Fringe Media Inc. and NYZ Apocalypse’s Summer and Fall 2017 Events


On Friday, June 30th, 2017, Fringe Media Inc. will release their first film, D Y S T O P I A REDUX, which was recorded on-site at NYZ Apocalypse.

The film focuses on five individuals (Niki, Chris, Rocky, Josh, and Mel) that collectively agree to be recorded as they progress — or potentially fail to progress — through an updated version of the final show created by the retired art collective, Fringe Immersive.…

Fringe Immersive & NYZ Apocalypse Host 8 Immersive Horror Experiences


This fall, Fringe Immersive and NYZ Apocalypse, the team of creators behind ESCAPE THE DARK and ESCAPE THE DARK: ARKHAM, will be hosting a total of eight new immersive horror experiences in Deer Park, New York.

Starting in early October, there will be three new versions of ESCAPE THE DARK and five interactive, immersive horror experiences.…

ESCAPE THE DARK (Deer Park, NY) 2016 Review



On July 17th, 2016, I arrived at NYZ Apocalypse with a friend, ready to experience the debut event of Fringe Immersive and Will Puntarich’s collaboration with NYZ Apocalypse: ESCAPE THE DARK.

After being redirected to the event’s entrance by two costumed actors, me and my friend pulled into the parking lot of NYZ Apocalypse.…