The Zombie Fun Run (Mountville, PA) 2016 Review


On Saturday, November 12th, 2016, I attended The Zombie Fun Run at Field of Screams.

The experience was completely new to me and lasted for over 60 minutes, requiring a waiver to be signed due to the physical nature of the event.

A complete review of the event is available below.

The Zombie Fun Run 2016 Review

Upon arriving at Field of Screams, my friend was directed into a parking spot, and we both exited the vehicle thereafter, moving in the direction of the familiar lighted area in the distance.

Although my friend would not be participating in the 5K run, he did assist me in attaching the provided flag football belt and numbered runner sign to myself.

Equipped with a GoPro HERO 5 Black (mounted to my head), a small light source, and the flashing bracelet that runners were provided for the “Extreme Blackout” night waves, I proceeded toward the 5K Zombie Fun Run’s starting area.

After a short wait in front of the Den of Darkness attraction, everyone on the line was assigned to one of the new numbered lines that were added for the 2016 season at Field of Screams.

Once each of the new lines had been formed, we were provided with useful information regarding the experience by one of the event workers.

By the conclusion of the introduction, the night wave had officially begun. Each of the individual lines merged together as we moved into the dark.

The experience itself was more physically demanding than I anticipated it to be, requiring runners who didn’t want to skip obstacles to complete tasks such as climbing over towering wooden walls and crawling under a series of barbed wire.

In addition to the obstacles, the 5K run was further complicated by “Zombie Zones,” areas designated by white lines where actors were allowed to steal flags from runners.

Runners who lost one or more of their “lives” (red flags), however, were able to complete optional challenges assigned at “Gain-a-Life” stations.

Those who were able to successfully complete an assigned challenge gained a new “life” (red flag).

More than 60 minutes after beginning, I managed to reach the finish line of the Zombie Fun Run.

Despite having entered “alone,” I continuously interacted with other runners throughout the course of the event due to its design (those who moved through the “Zombie Zones” by themselves were basically guaranteed to lose all of their flags).

This made the overall experience more enjoyable to me. By the conclusion of the Zombie Fun Run, I had obtained a medal and navy blue shirt for survivors, a banana, veggie chips, a bottle of water, and a coupon for one free hot chocolate.

Unfortunately, my GoPro HERO 5 Black’s battery died prior to when I finished the race, but regardless, the footage was extremely difficult to see due to the low lighting of the event.

Technical difficulties aside, this is an event that I highly recommend to those who are interested in 5K runs.

Pumpkin Rating & Conclusion

4 / 5 Pumpkins

The Zombie Fun Run is a physically demanding experience that both entertains and occasionally scares.

It would, however, benefit from additional actors scattered throughout the course and more explicit safety precautions (such as cushions in areas where runners may potentially fall from obstacles).

Donate to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition, which the 5K race benefits:

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